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is a nonprofit press
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and the free exchange of thought

Jeremy and the Mantis
Story by Dale Pendell (1947 - 2018)
illustrated by Jennifer Rain Crosby


The Wig
Charles Wright
introduction by Ishmael Reed

Night Ride with Dahlia
Philip Daughtry


Running Through Fire:
How I Survived the Holocaust
Zosia Goldberg
as told to H. Obenzinger

Philippe Forest
tr. Pascale Torracinta


Walking with Nobby:
Conversations with Norman O. Brown
Dale Pendell

Writing Jazz
ed. David Meltzer


Reading Jazz
ed. David Meltzer

A Girl with a Monkey
Leonard Michaels


Face of the Deep
Thomas Farber

Who Owns the West?
William Kittredge


The Centaur's Son
Philip Daughtry

Work and the Life of the Spirit
Douglas Thorpe


Narrow Road to the Deep North
Katherine McNamara

George Sand
tr. Zack Rogow


Calle 10
Danny Romero

From Ashes to Life
Lucille Eichengreen


Rumkowski and the Orphans of Lodz
Lucille Eichengreen

Red Diaper Baby
Josh Kornbluth


Winter Diary
Károly Bari
tr. D. Benedek, E. Farkas, and L. Schiff

Without Force or Lies
ed. William M. Brinton
and Alan Rinzler


No Pictures in my Grave
Susan Caperna Lloyd