Runaway Angels

Philip Daughtry

$15, 82 pages
ISBN 978-1-56279-139-1

A vivid autobiography, in verse, tracing Philip Daughtry's journey from a Northumbrian coal mining village to a Cree reserve in the Canadian North Woods as a child and young man, onward to Greenwich Village in the late '50s. Heading west, Daughtry worked cattle ranches and ski resort before hitching to San Francisco where he became active in the North Beach poetry scene.

Some of the poems included in this volume were previously published in New Canadian & American Poetry, Kyoi Kuksu, Nexus, Kuksu / Exiled in America Press, Sitting Frog, Book of the Goddess, Chimera, The Southern California Anthology, Topanga Messenger, Full Moon, Beatitudes, Blind Donkey,  Pinch Penny,  Green Man, Bobcats, Big Moon, Poetsfeet, The Dalmo’ma Anthology, CoEvolution Quarterly, Literature En Marche (Paris), LeCarosse (Mexico City), and Baby Beat Generation: A Century of American Poets (City Lights, 2019).

Born in Derwentwater, England, in 1942, Philip James Daughtry is widely anthologized, and his publications include The Stray Moon, Kid Nigredo, Magic Harness, Celtic Blood, The Centaur's Son, and Night Ride with Dahlia . He lives in Topanga, California, with his wife, artist Rita George.






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