Walking with Nobby
Conversations with Norman O. Brown

Dale Pendell

literature & essay / philosophy
$18, 240 pages
ISBN 978-1-56279-132-2

Retired professor Norman O. Brown and Dale Pendell, during walks taken along the coast of California, discuss many concepts and characters, including paganism and world religions, psychoanalysis, modern and ancient cultures, Dionysus, Marx, and Freud. Presented as footnoted conversations.


“Dr. Brown was a master of philosophical speculation, mixing Marx, Freud, Jesus and much else to raise and answer immense questions.” —new york times

Dale Pendell (1945-2018) was the visionary, award-winning author of the Pharmako trilogy—a literary, shamanic, and pharmacological study of psychoactive plants—and nearly twenty other publications. His full biography will be linked here, until then Wikipedia and the author's website are live.