Red Diaper Baby

Josh Kornbluth

fiction / performing arts
$14.95, 176 pages
ISBN 978-1562790875

Three comic autobiographical monologues by performer Josh Kornbluth: "The Mathematics of Change," "Haiku Tunnel," and the title piece. Kornbluth shows a deep affection for the wild, eccentric characters who people his universe. With a few deft strokes he paints unforgettable portraits, as true as they are funny. Together the monologues achieve real literary form and depth, as we witness a young man coming of age in a world that is anything but conventional.

“Vivid, funny, even poignant.... Sublime passages.... Nobody has ever captured and catalogued the mood, look, and hidden humor of office life quite like this.... ['Haiku Tunnel'] takes a world we ignore, or barely observe, and brings it into brilliant comic relief.”
—san francisco chronicle

“Hysterically funny and absolutely fascinating.... Pithy, pure, and very funny stuff.”

“Always a fan of Josh's live performances, now I'm enjoying his disembodiment. He's a great read.”
—Spalding Gray

Josh Kornbluth was raised in New York City and attended Princeton University.
After working as a journalist in Chicago and Boston, he moved to San Francisco.
He lives in Berkeley, California.