Red Diaper Baby

Josh Kornbluth

fiction / performing arts
$14.95, 176 pages
ISBN 978-1562790875

Three comic autobiographical monologues by performer Josh Kornbluth: "The Mathematics of Change," "Haiku Tunnel," and the title piece. Together, and with the author's introduction, the monologues compose a Bildungsroman that is both comic and poignant. Kornbluth shows a deep affection for the wild, eccentric characters who people his universe. With a few deft strokes he paints unforgettable portraits, as true as they are funny. Together the monologues achieve real literary form and depth, as we witness a young man coming of age in a world that is anything but conventional.

“Vivid, funny, even poignant.... Sublime passages.... Nobody has ever captured and catalogued the mood, look, and hidden humor of office life quite like this.... ['Haiku Tunnel'] takes a world we ignore, or barely observe, and brings it into brilliant comic relief.”
—san francisco chronicle

“Hysterically funny and absolutely fascinating.... Pithy, pure, and very funny stuff.”

“Always a fan of Josh's live performances, now I'm enjoying his disembodiment. He's a great read.”
—Spalding Gray

Josh Kornbluth was raised in New York City and attended Princeton University. After working as a journalist in Chicago and Boston, he moved to San Francisco. He lives in Berkeley, California, with his wife, Sara, and little Guthrie. After the success of their film "Haiku Tunnel," Josh and his co-director brother Jacob followed up their debut with a second film, "The Best Thief in the World." Josh then returned to the title piece, "Red Diaper Baby," to make a Sundance Channel performance film. Recent monologues include "Ben Franklin: Unplugged" and "Love & Taxes."