Who Owns the West?

William Kittredge

$14.95, 176 pages
ISBN 978-1562790783

Who owns the West? "All of us, of course," says Kittredge. But this "simple answer … is sort of beside the point when we get down to considering questions of fairness. Stay joyous under the sun and moon, in the rain and out; that's another halfway answer." Kittredge gives us not easy answers but a sustained meditation on what it means to be a Westerner today. He writes a celebration of the new West and an elegy for an old West that is fading.

“His prose is spare and clean as ever, with one quotable line after another and elegant descriptions of place.”
—los angeles times

William Kittredge grew up on the MC Ranch in southeastern Oregon, where he lived until he was thirty-five. His books include Hole in the Sky, Owning It All, and We Are Not in This Together. He teaches at the University of Montana in Missoula.