The Legend of El Toron

Dave Greene

Illustrated Children's Fiction
$TBD, 40 pages
ISBN 978-1-56279-140-7

On a ranch in the desert there lived a bull unlike any other. His name was El Toron. This is the true story of a great fighting bull in Mexico who faced three matadors in one day, and who, through his bravery, led his entire species back into the wild following a thousand years of captivity. This book is a tribute to courage and perseverance, and how adherence to those qualities can eventually lead to freedom.

Runaway Angels

Philip Daughtry

$15, 82 pages
ISBN 978-1-56279-139-1

A vivid autobiography, in verse, tracing Philip Daughtry's journey from a Northumbrian coal mining village to a Cree reserve in the Canadian North Woods as a child and young man, onward to Greenwich Village in the late '50s, west via cattle ranche, and landing in San Francisco where he became active in the North Beach poetry scene.


Philippe Forest
translated by Pascale Torracinta

Fiction / History
$14, 228 pages
ISBN 978-1562791346

Following the death of his young daughter, the narrator moves to Japan with the project of writing an essay on Japanese literature. There, on the other side of the earth, he experiences a series of incidents that connect him to a recurrent childhood dream and allow him to explore the depth of his own grief through the stories of others.

Jeremy and the Mantis

Dale Pendell, illustrated by Jennifer Rain Crosby

children's illustrated fiction
$18, 40 pages
ISBN 978-1-56279-138-4

A young boy wanders far from his family's cabin, deep into the wilderness, and becomes lost before meeting an enormous mantis. As they find their way back to the cabin, the mantis tells the boy stories.


Night Ride with Dahlia

Philip Daughtry

fiction / History / western
$15, 304 pages
ISBN 978-1562791377

In 1916 literate cowboy Devon Young reflects on his life's journey. Saved from death by a shamanic intervention, he embarks on a quest to rescue his love, Dahlia de Belardes, from banishment in California.

Who Owns the West?

William Kittredge

$14.95, 176 pages
ISBN 978-1562790783

Who owns the West? "All of us, of course," says Kittredge. But this "simple answer … is sort of beside the point when we get down to considering questions of fairness. Stay joyous under the sun and moon, in the rain and out; that's another halfway answer." Kittredge gives us not easy answers but a sustained meditation on what it means to be a Westerner today.


George Sand
translated by Zack Rogow

literature & essay
$15.95, 352 pages
ISBN 978-1562790820

The first English-language edition of a major work by George Sand, originally published (in French) in 1841, Horace is remarkable as perhaps the only nineteenth-century novel in which the heroine is a fallen woman who is not punished.

The Centaur's Son

Philip Daughtry

Literature & Essay
$15, 220 pages
ISBN 978-1562791315

Daughtry writes, both autobiographically and fictionally, of love, intellectuality, danger, and farce in this acclaimed collection of very personal stories full of dark wisdom and glimpses into the intimate workings of the advancing world.

Work and the Life of the Spirit

Douglas Thorpe
Foreward by Thomas Moore

literature & essay / spirituality
$16, 320 pages
ISBN 978-1562790998

A stimulating historical reader on the spiritual dimension of work, assembled as an anthology of fine writing from classical times to the present, including Eastern, Western, and native viewpoints. Arranged historically, this fine anthology challenges us to restore the age-old meaning that work can offer.

Narrow Road to the Deep North
A Journey Into the Interior of Alaska

Katherine McNamara

literature & essay / travel
$15.95, 304 pages
ISBN 978-1562791223

“The reader of this book takes up an account of a long journey, a physical and metaphysical journey, into a country of Imagination. That country is Alaska." So begins this extraordinary story of a young woman’s experiences among Athabaskan Indians in the interior of Alaska.

Running Through Fire
How I Survived the Holocaust

Zosia Goldberg
as told to Hilton Obenzinger

with an introduction by Paul Auster

Jewish studies / memoir
$15.95, 208 pages
ISBN 978-1562791285

Zosia Goldberg's heroic and startling tale of surviving the Nazi Genocide is not just a story of the Holocaust, but of a woman struggling to make sense of human folly and depravity.

From Ashes to Life
My Memories of the Holocaust

Lucille Eichengreen

with Harriet Chamberlain

Jewish studies / memoir
$17.95, 240 pages
ISBN 978-1562790523

In this disturbing but inspirational account of her experiences of the Holocaust, Lucille Eichengreen relates her journey as a young Jewish girl through Nazi Germany and Poland. As important as its factual accuracy is its emotional clarity and truth.

Walking with Nobby
Conversations with Norman O. Brown

Dale Pendell

literature & essay / philosophy
$18, 240 pages
ISBN 978-1-56279-132-2

Retired professor Norman O. Brown and Dale Pendell, during walks taken along the coast of California, discuss many concepts and characters, including paganism and world religions, psychoanalysis, modern and ancient cultures, Dionysus, Marx, and Freud.


The Face of the Deep

Thomas Farber

literature & essay
$14.95, 192 pages
ISBN 978-1562791124

A lyrical and revealing exploration of the Pacific in all its aspects. From villages in Samoa to haunts in Hawai'i, Thomas Farber tells of encounters in bars and backwaters as he explores Oceania's mythologies and literatures.