The Centaur's Son

Philip Daughtry

Literature & Essay
$15, 220 pages
ISBN 978-1562791315
ebook 978-1562791360

Daughtry trespasses Federal land in Oregon to greet a wild stallion; follows a young cheating husband through pagan Ireland as he attempts to heal a wounded bird to win back the trust of his wife; visits a doomed drunken poet in Helsinki; finds first love, for a night, in 1960s Paris; works with an insane cowhand in lawless Belize backcountry; traffics special cargo into Ireland; describes the lives of children living and playing in an abandoned prison camp in northern England; travels with gypsies along Spain’s gold coast; and speculates on a flooded world where lost men sail between mountaintops of islands.

“This is a powerful book that mingles bardic languages, mythological imagination, and the American landscape.” —Robert Bly (for "Celtic Blood")

Born in Derwentwater, England, in 1942, Philip James Daughtry is widely anthologized, and his publications include The Stray Moon, Kid Nigredo, Magic Harness, Celtic Blood, The Centaur's Son, Night Ride with Dahlia, and Runaway Angels. He lives in Topanga, California, with his wife, artist Rita George.