Without Force or Lies
Voices from the Revolution of Central Europe in 1989-90

William M. Brinton and
Alan Rinzler, editors

literary nonfiction / political science
$10.95, 495 pages
ISBN 978-0916515928

A collection of essays, speeches, and eyewitness accounts from those directly involved in the events of 1989 in Central Europe.

Contributors include Andrei Sakharov, Václav Havel, Alfred Herrhausen, Reiner Kunze, Edith Anderson, Eric Gabriel, Günther Grass, Ewa Kuryluk, Leszek Balcerowicz, Adam Michnik, Josef Skvorecký, Tamas Aczel, George Paul Csicsery, Norman Manea, Thomas A. Oleszczuk, John Jekabson, William M. Brinton, Z (anonymous), and Mikhail Gorbachev.

“It was the appropriately named Mercury House on whose winged feet the message of the epochal events of late 1989 in Eastern Europe first reached American bookstores.…”
—San Francisco examiner

“So broad are the views in this thought­provoking anthology that lots of intellectual bang for the buck is guaranteed.… Trenchant entries include those by first-rate brains persecuted by the system, for example, Václav Havel, Adam Michnik, and Andrei Sakharov. Witnesses to the actual events provide their descriptions, and speeches by Gorbachev and Poland’s finance minister turn around the region’s Now what? mood of uncertainty over the economic ruin it has inherited.”

William M. Brinton (1920-2010) was the founder of Mercury House. An attorney with a background in international law and litigation, he authored The Alaska Deception and A Role for the Small Press: Publishing in a Global Village.

Alan Rinzler has been an editor at Simon and Schuster, MacMillan, Holt, Bantam, and Grove Press, and was one of the founding members of Rolling Stone. He lives in Berkeley, California.