Mercury House has published over 170 books to date.
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author(s) / translator(s) / editor(s)
Jeremy and the Mantis Pendell, Dale (illustrated Jennifer Rain Crosby)
Night Ride with Dahlia Daughtry, Philip James
Sarinagara Forest, Philippe (tr. Pascale Torracinta)
Centaur's Son, The Daughtry, Philip James
Walking with Nobby: Conversations with Norman O. Brown Pendell, Dale
Pharmako/Gnosis: Plant Teachers and the Poison Path Pendell, Dale
Running Through Fire: How I Survived the Holocaust Goldberg, Zosia (with Hilton Obenzinger, intro by Paul Auster)
Wig, The Wright, Charles Stevenson (introduction by Ishmael Reed)
Wilderness And Razor Wire Lamberton, Ken
Origin of the World, The Michon, Pierre (tr. Wyatt Mason)
Getting of Wisdom, The Richardson, Henry Handel (ed. Clive Probyn and Bruce Steele)
Narrow Road to the Deep North: A Journey Into the Interior of Alaska McNamara, Katherine
Pharmako/Dynamis: Stimulating Plants, Potions, & Herbcraft Pendell, Dale
Renoir, My Father Renoir, Jean (tr. Robert L. Herbert)
Profane Friendship Brodkey, Harold
Diary of Emily Dickinson, The Fuller, Jamie
Artes (1996): An International Reader of Literature, Art, and Music Harding, Gunnar (with Bengt Jangfeldt)
They Went Thataway: Redefining Film Genres … Jameson, Richard T.
Girl with a Monkey: New and Selected Stories, A Michaels, Leonard
Artes (1997): An International Reader of Literature, Art, and Music Strachan, Pat (with Bengt Jangfeldt)
Something Hidden Behind the Ranges: A Himalayan Quest Taylor-Ide, Daniel
Temple of Iconoclasts, The Wilcock, Juan Rodolfo (tr. Lawrence Venuti)
Dream of Order Avena, Thomas
Story Earth: Native Voices on the Environment Inner Press Service
Writing Jazz Meltzer, David
Synonym for Love Moore, Alison
Guide to Capturing a Plum Blossom Po-Jen, Sung (tr. Red Pine)
Christ on the Rue Jacob Sarduy, Severo
Zen Works of Stonehouse: Poems and Talks of a 14th-Century Chinese Hermit Stonehouse, Bernard (tr. Red Pine)
Rumkowski and the Orphans of Lodz Eichengreen, Lucille
Leaping Man Hill Emshwiller, Carol
Face of the Deep, The Farber, Thomas
Stripping Away the Sorrows from This World Gardea, Jesús (tr. Mark Schafer)
Artes (1998): An International Reader of Literature, Art, and Music Harding, Gunnar (with Pat Strachan)
Work and the Life of the Spirit Thorpe, Douglas (introduction by Thomas Moore)
House with the Blue Bed Arteaga, Alfred
Winter diary: poems Bari, Karoly (tr. Dezso Benedek, Endre Farkas, Laura Schiff)
Camille Claudel: Une Femme Delbée, Anne
In the Ring of Fire: A Pacific Basin Journey Houston, James D.
Amazonian Chronicles, The Meunier, Jacques
Masters and Servants Michon, Pierre
Manhattan Music Alexander, Meena
In Few Words/En Pocas Palabras: A Compendium of Latino Folk Wit and Wisdom Burciaga, José Antonio (tr. Carol and Thomas Christensen)
Thirst: The Desert Trilogy Hareven, Shulamith
Who Owns the West? Kittredge, William
Red Diaper Baby: Three Comic Monologues Kornbluth, Josh
Dirty Bird Blues Major, Clarence
Reflex and Bone Structure Major, Clarence
Shell Game: A True Account of Beads and Money in North America Martien, Jerry (forward by Gary Snyder)
Conjuring Tibet Painter, Charlotte
Calle 10 Romero, Danny
Silverado Squatters, The Stevenson, Robert Louis
Taoteching With Selected Commentaries of the Past 2000 Years Tzu, Lao (tr. Red Pine)
Garden Story, A Whiteson, Leon
Earth Keepers: A Sourcebook For Environmental Issues And Action Baer-Brown, Leslie
Multiple Child, The Chedid, Andrée
Ledoyt Emshwiller, Carol
Vocabulary of Peace: Life, Culture, and Politics in the Middle East, The Hareven, Shulamith
Flesh and Blood: The National Society of Film Critics ... Keough, Peter
Horace Sand, George (tr. Zack Rogow)
Life Sentences: Writers, Artists, and AIDS Avena, Thomas
King of Rumah Nadai Clarke, Terence
Temporary Homelands Deming, Alison Hawthorne
From Ashes to Life: My Memories of the Holocaust Eichengreen, Lucille
Monnew Kourouma, Ahmadou
Question of Consent: Innocence and Complicity ... Laufer, Peter
Such Was The Season: A Novel Major, Clarence
Pharmako/Poeia: Plant Powers, Poisons, and Herbcraft Pendell, Dale (forward by Gary Snyder)
Rites: A Guatemalan Boyhood Perera, Victor
Green Essentials: What You Need To Know About The Environment Saign, Geoffrey C.
American Soul Schurmann, Franz
Passion Tarchetti, I.U. (tr. Lawrence Venuti)
In the Mountains of America Willis, Meredith Sue
Strange Ailments Goldsmith, Bruce
City of Many Days Hareven, Shulamith
Dreams Die Hard Harris, David Victor
Sacred Trusts: Essays on Stewardship and Responsibility Katakis, Michael
Nightmare Abroad: Stories of Americans Imprisoned in Foreign Lands Laufer, Peter
Quaspeck Lehman, Eric
Hiding in Plain Sight: Essays in Criticism and Autobiography Lesser, Wendy
Lovers & Fugitives Mautner, Gabriella
Reading Jazz Meltzer, David
Men's Club, The Michaels, Leonard
To Feel These Things Michaels, Leonard
Cannibal Eliot and the Lost Histories of San Francisco Obenzinger, Hilton
Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits Porter, Bill (photographs by Steven R. Johnson)
Living in Freedom: The New Prague Sommer, Mark
Eco-Heroes: Twelve Tales of Environmental Victory Wallace, Aubrey
Hieroglyphic Tales Walpole, Horace
Japanese Chronicles, The Bouvier, Nicolas (tr. Anne Dickerson)
Harp and the Shadow, The Carpentier, Alejo (tr. Thomas and Carol Christensen)
Blue Numbers Goldsmith, Bruce
Twilight and Other Stories Hareven, Shulamith
No Pictures in My Grave: A Spiritual Journey in Sicily Lloyd, Susan Caperna
Sylvia Michaels, Leonard
Small Spaces Between Emergencies Moore, Alison
Warsaw: The Cabaret Years Nowicki, Ron
Guest in the Jungle, A Polster, James
Love and Hisses: The National Society of Film Critics Rainer, Peter
Afghanistan: Soviet Vietnam Tamarov, Vladislav
Fantastic Tales Tarchetti, Iginio Ugo
Nampally Road Alexander, Meena
Child at War: The True Story of a Young Belgian Resistance Fighter Bles, Mark
Complete Sylvie and Bruno, The Carroll, Lewis (tr. Thomas Christensen, illus. Renée Flower)
My Father in the Night Clarke, Terence
Leningrad: American Writers in the Soviet Union Davidson, Michael (with Lyn Hejinian and Ron Silliman)
Green Reader: Essays Toward a Sustainable Society, The Dobson, Andrew P.
Smile, Honey Donald, Anabel
Start of the End of It All Emshwiller, Carol
Isabel Out of the Rain Gammon, Catherine
Instant Empire: Saddam Hussein's Ambition for Iraq Henderson, Simon
This Timeless Moment: A Personal View of Aldous Huxley Huxley, Laura
Roots and Branches: Contemporary Essays by West Coast Writers Junker, Howard
Iron Curtain Rising: A Personal Journey Through ... Eastern Europe Laufer, Peter (with Robert Schwarzenbach and Rainer Hildebrandt)
Remember Me Lipsett, Suzanne
Blue Island Raspail, Jean
Seeds in the Wind Braybrooke, Neville
Setting Free the Actor Brebner, Ann
Without Force or Lies: Voices from the Revolution of Central Europe in '89-'90 Brinton, William M.
Day Nothing Happened Clarke, Terence
Honeysuckle, Creosote, and Trainsmoke Cook, William O.
Carmen Dog Emshwiller, Carol
Tyrone Power Giles, Fred Lawrence
Pleasures of Age Morley, Robert
Long Lost Journey.: Selected Poems, 1970-1987, The Potter, Jennifer
Italy in the Fifties Roth, Sanford (with Beulah Roth)
King of Comedy Sennett, Mack (with Cameron Shipp)
Produced and Abandoned Sragow, Michael
Shadows of a Sound Sun-won, Hwang
Eclipse Belletto, René (tr. Jeremy Leggatt)
Good Night, Sweet Prince: The Life And Times Of John Barrymore Fowler, Gene
Waterboys Gabriel, Eric
Slave Trail: A Novel, The Gerber, Alain
Early Stages Gielgud, John
August '39 Howarth, Stephen
Blind in One Ear Macnee, Patrick (with Marie Cameron)
Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving Muir, Charles and Caroline
Play of Light Philo, Thomas
Taking Of Agnès, The Potter, Jennifer
Who Will Remember The People Raspail, Jean
Harlow Shulman, Irving
Dancing for Diaghilev Sokolova, Lydia
Fragments of Stained Glass White, Claire Nicolas
Psychic Detectives, The Wilson, Colin
Irish Wine Wimmer, Dick
George Raft Yablonsky, Lewis
Chinaberry Album, The Chambers, Ruth Coe
Poppies: Odyssey of an Opium Eater Detzer, Eric
Poor Dear Charlotte Donald, Anabel
Philip's Chair: A Novel Eunson, Dale
Eve: Her Story Farmer, Penelope
Short Happy Life Gerber, Alain
Movies, Mr. Griffith and Me, The Gish, Lillian (with Ann Pinchot)
Chocolate Mouse Herbst, Harriet
Crunching Gravel Peters, Robert (with Judson Jerome)
Martyr Petschull, Jürgen
Paris in the Fifties Roth, Sanford
Diamante Siciliano, Enzo
Fun In a Chinese Laundry Sternberg, Josef Von
I Have a Place Wallem, Irma
Hubble Time Bezzi, Tom
Role for the small press: Publishing in a global village, A Brinton, William M.
Vanity Will Get You Somewhere Cotten, Joseph
Rumor of an Elephant Gerber, Alain (tr. Jeremy Leggatt)
Cousins Jovanovski, Meto
Shrinking Lehr, William
Higher Ground: A Novel Oldham, Perry
Tangled Vines Roberts, Mary Jane
Portraits of The Fifties: The Photographs of Sanford Roth Roth, Sanford (with Beulah Roth)
Expect a Worm in Every Apple: An American Country Diary Wallem, Irma
Maiden Ape: A Novel, The Brancatelli, Robert
Bread & Stones Conley, Ellen Alexander
Sorcerers Needleman, Jacob
Night Train Walton, Todd
Personality Surgeon, The Wilson, Colin
Alaska Deception, The Brinton, William M.