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The Wig

Charles Wright, with an introduction by Ishmael Reed

Rights reverted to Harper Collins - new edition coming 2020
Mercury House edition isbn 978-1562791278

"... explodes with the crazy laughter of a man past caring.... His style, as mean and vicious a weapon as a rusty hacksaw, is the perfect vehicle for his zany pessimism.... 'The Wig' is a brutal, exciting, and necessary book."  — The New York Times

Green Essentials:
What You Need to Know About the Environment

Geoffrey Saign

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"In this age of well-financed public relations efforts, sound-bites, and disinformation campaigns by those who would despoil the environment, Green Essentials provides a concise, informative voice of reason for the concerned layperson."  — Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund

Earth Keepers:
A Sourcebook for Environmental Issues and Action

Leslie Baer-Brown and Bob Rhein

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The hosts of the nationally syndicated radio program "Earth Watch" have devised an invaluable guide to environmental theory and action — one that explains the root causes of the earth's problems at the same time that it illuminates the path toward solving them.

The Green Reader:
Essays Toward a Sustainable Society

Andrew Dobson, Editor

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This international anthology on Green thought provides a thorough introduction to the different approaches environmental visionaries cover in examining our lives as social beings in the natural world.

Pharmako/Gnosis, Pharmako/Dynamis, and Pharmako/Poeia

Dale Pendell

now published by Random House

An encyclopedic study of the history and uses of psychoactive plants and related synthetics, the trilogy forms an interrelated suite of works that provide a unique immersion in this medically, culturally, and spiritually fascinating subject.

Lao-tzu's Taoteching

Translated by Red Pine

now published by copper canyon

The Taoteching, written some 2,500 years ago by a man known only as Lao-tzu ("the Old Master"), encapsulates the wisdom of Taoism. This revered text, published bilingually, recreates the ancient poetry that has made the Taoteching the most quoted book in the Chinese language.

Guide to Capturing a Plum Blossom

Sung Po-jen, translated by Red Pine

now published by copper canyon

This ancient text aims not at technical artistic training but at the training of artistic perception: not how to hold a brush, but rather how to really see a plum blossom. First published in 1238 CE, this may be the world’s first printed book of art and literature.

Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits

Translated by Red Pine

now published by copper canyon

"This fascinating book combines first-person accounts of meetings with modern-day Chinese hermits with a wealth of historical information." — Yoga Journal

The Harp and the Shadow

Alejo Carpentier, translated by Tom and Carol Christensen

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"An extraordinary display of historical inquisitiveness and stylistic maturity, a book that dares to awaken Columbus from his glorious eternal rest to denounce his foolishness, his mendacity, his insatiable greed for gold."   — New York Times Book Review

The Origin of the World

Pierre Michon, translated by Wyatt Mason

now published by yale university press

"A slender book in length, but not in style and language.... Michon's short fable obliges us to recognize, within and beyond sexual fantasy, strains of cruelty directed toward beauty."  — Harper's

Masters and Servants

Pierre Michon, translated by Wyatt Mason

now published by Yale University Press

"Michon offers a brilliant tour de force of five pieces about art and artists: an often indescribably eloquent modern taking up where Vasari, say, might have left off.... Stylistically demanding, but a book often as passionate, beautiful, and skilled as the paintings it springs from." — Kirkus Reviews

Camille Claudel: Une Femme

Anne Delbée, translated by Carol Cosman

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A fictionalized biography of the great nineteenth-century sculptor. Anne Delbée’s sensitive and sympathetic portrayal of Camille Claudel spotlights the life of both an exceptional woman and an extraordinary artist.

Thirst: the Desert Trilogy

Shulamith Hareven

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Esteemed Israeli writer Shulamith Hareven completes her greatest project with this trilogy, a collection of three linked novellas set in the biblical era. "First-rate fiction, beautifully translated, by one of the world's great contemporary women writers."  — Publishers Weekly

The Temple of Iconolasts

J. Rodolfo Wilcock, translated by Lawrence Venuti

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"Compellingly whimsical, alienated, pseudo-scientific, bizarre: all these adjectives describe this fiction in the form of a short reference work, the first book by admired Argentinian-Italian novelist Wilcock to be published in English."   — Publishers Weekly

Tantra: the Art of Conscious Loving

Charles and Caroline Muir

available from the authors

"With easy-to-follow exercises, this provocative and timely book offers modern couples ancient Tantric secrets for deepening relationships, intimacy and passion."   — Yoga Journal